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Reasonable Progress

Go the Distance

Go to class. Study hard. Keep moving toward the finish line. As an Urbana University student, you are expected to demonstrate satisfactory, reasonable progress. Reasonable progress addresses standards for academic credits attempted, academic credits completed, and cumulative GPA. These standards will determine your academic standing, as well as your eligibility to receive financial aid and participate in athletics and extracurricular activities.


To demonstrate satisfactory, reasonable progress, a student must, at specified times, meet certain criteria in three areas: (1) credits attempted, (2) credits completed, and (3) cumulative GPA according to the charts listed below. Reasonable progress standards are to be applied to all Urbana University students to determine academic standing, athletic eligibility, and financial aid eligibility as well as eligibility to participate in designated extracurricular activities.

  1. Incomplete - When a student receives an "I" for a course, reasonable progress cannot be determined until a grade is given for the completed work. Students will be granted this period of grace unless their record indicates the impossibility of this grade raising the GPA to the required level.
  2. Repeating a course - A student may choose to repeat a course to improve a grade. The new grade will be recorded and counted as quality points and credit. Hours earned in repeating a course are not counted as hours attempted and therefore are not considered as (graduation credits) credits earned toward meeting reasonable progress.
  3. Class withdrawal - To receive most types of financial aid a student must maintain full-time status of at least 12 hours. Students need to be aware that withdrawing from classes will impede their overall progress and that their funds are considered used for that semester. Students are permitted to accumulate 20 hours of "W" before this grade is considered toward reasonable progress standards.

Additional Information

Full-time Undergraduate Students

Students must enroll in at least 12 hours to be considered full time and are allowed 12 semesters in which to complete their degree. The following chart indicates the minimum cumulative hours that must be completed within each academic year. This quantitative measurement for academic progress specifies the minimum required credits passed. An academic year is equal to two semesters.

Years Completed 1 2 3 4 5 6
Hours Successfully Completed 18 36 60 84 106 126


Part-time Undergraduate Students

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Three-quarter time (9-11 hours)  .75 of the Successfully Completed Hours
Half-time (6-8 hours)  .50 of the Successfully Completed Hours
Less than half-time (1-5 hours) .25 of the Successfully Completed Hours


Grade Point Minimum

In addition to the above standards, all Urbana University students must maintain the following qualitative minimum Cumulative GPA  after attempting the stated hours.

Hours Attempted 12  24 48 60
Cumulative Point Average 1.50 1.80 1.90 2.00


Academic Reasonable Progress

The Admissions and Academic Standards Committee will meet at the conclusion of each semester to review the academic records of all enrolled students and will employ the listed reasonable progress standards to make determinations of appropriate academic sanctions. These recommendations are made to the vice president for dean of assessment & academic quality whose office notifies students of the sanctions. See Warning, Probation and Suspension Guidelines.

Athletic Eligibility

Students who participate in intercollegiate athletics will be expected to maintain reasonable academic progress, as well as to conform to Urbana University and NCAA standards of participation. Specific rules of eligibility may be found in the NCAA handbook in the athletic director's office.

Financial Aid Satisfactory Progress

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Any student, who has earned more than 60 hours, must maintain at least a 2.0 Cumulative GPA for all terms in order to receive financial aid. If the cumulative GPA is less than 2.0 for any given term, the student will automatically be placed on Financial Aid Suspension per Federal Regulations set forth by the U.S. Department of Education. The student will not receive any financial aid for future terms until their cumulative GPA is at least a 2.0. Students may appeal this suspension in writing to the director of student financial services.

When a student is placed on Satisfactory Academic Progress Probation, he/she will receive financial aid for the semester that he/she is on probation. Students who do not improve their academic standing after one term of probation will be placed on Satisfactory Academic Progress Suspension. This means that the student is no longer eligible to receive any type of financial assistance until the student reaches satisfactory progress.

Financial Aid Appeals

Students who do not comply with the Financial Aid Satisfactory Progress regulations have the opportunity to submit a written appeal to the director of financial aid if extenuating circumstances have affected academic progress. The written appeal must include appropriate third party documentation. If the appeal is denied, the student must complete the needed credit hours or grades before he or she will become eligible for financial assistance. All financial aid appeals must be received by Friday of the first week of the term after the Financial Aid Suspension has been issued.

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