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Assessment of Student Learning

Assessment at Urbana University is an ongoing faculty-driven process aimed at understanding and improving student learning and success. The assessment process entails the following goals:

  • Making the University’s expectations explicit and public
  • Setting appropriate criteria and high standards for learning quality 
  • Systematically gathering, analyzing and interpreting evidence to determine how well performance matches those expectations and standards
  • Using the resulting information to document, explain and improve performance
  • Creating a shared academic culture dedicated to assuring and improving the quality of higher education

In order to achieve the goals above, the University follows a cyclical model including the following steps reiterated with each assessment cycle:

  • Developing or refining outcomes
  • Planning assessment activities
  • Collecting and evaluating data
  • Documenting and reporting results and recommendations for improvement 
  • Implementing recommended changes
  • Assessing to see whether learning has improved

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